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Discover a Baseball Betting System So Easy to use, you'll need just 10 minutes a day to Make 1,500% on Your Investment in only 90 days Guaranteed!...

...And Instantly Create a Steady Flow of Income Every Year by Winning Your Baseball Bets Without EVER having to rely on the help of a so-called "expert" ever again!!!


From the desk of David Fingerson

Tuesday, 10:26 a.m.

Dear Sports Betting Enthusiast,

If you're someone who is excited by the prospect of making a lot of money betting on major league baseball, say $150 for every $1 you invest in learning a fast, easy, and proven technique that consistently picks winning teams...

...without EVER again needing the help of a so- called "Expert"

...Then I invite you to keep reading!

Because on the following pages I'm going to lead you through a simple 5 step process that will allow you to WORK LESS by spending only 10 minutes a day to establish which games you'll need to bet on...

...And make MORE MONEY this season (from $1,500.00 to $30,000.00 or more depending on your particular betting level or situation) than ever before.

But first lets talk about why you're not currently raking in the kind of huge profits you could be making betting on sports.


What's really keeping you from making
substantial profits at the sportsbooks?

Maybe you've been searching for months or even years for a consistent way to make some really good money betting on sports, but have yet to find any kind of reliable betting system or someone who will honestly give you good picks to bet on.

Have you lost a large amount of your bankroll because you didn't know how to avoid those ugly losing streaks?

Have you fallen victim to numerous, worthless betting scams where you've paid hefty fees for so-called "expert advice", only to find out that you would have done better on your own?


Do you find yourself getting discouraged, frustrated, or do you often feel overwhelmed looking through seemingly never-ending lists of statistical data...      ...desperately trying to figure out HOW or IF you can EVER work it to your advantage?

If you can relate to this, then you know how I felt just a few years ago.

If you're anything like me, you've probably lost more than your share of money to the sportsbooks.  Either you haven't been able to find any real consistent way to win that would allow you to make a substantial profit in the long run, or you've been cheated by someone who sold you worthless picks.  Maybe you've experienced both.

I have to confess...

...As much as I hate to admit it, I've fallen for some of those betting scams myself.  I just wanted to smack someone down for there worthless information.

After years of frustration losing money to the sportsbooks and a few scam artists along the way, I finally got fed up and figured the only way that I was going to make any real money betting on sports would be to do all the hard work myself. 

The pain of losing had finally sent me in a new direction.  I literally went into determination mode.  No longer was I on a mission to find an expert, I was now on a mission to become the expert.

Utilizing my passion for sports betting and my love for working with numbers, formulas, and statistical data I set out to beat the sportsbooks.


However, it's no joke!  Becoming a true Betting Expert takes A LOT of work, determination, and patience spending weeks, months, or even years tediously sifting through droves of statistical data trying to make sense of it all.

The whole point of it is to locate trends that present a real value to the sports bettor.  I can't tell you how many times I've come across what appeared to be a profitable trend only to find out that it was only a short term coincidence.  Every time an apparent trend is found, it must be rigorously tested through thousands of repetitions and that's only a small part of the whole process.

Are you still with me...?

...Don't worry; I won't bore you with all the dreary details.

I know you're here because you want to learn how YOU Can Start Making Money at the sportsbooks on a regular basis.  You're tired of losing, you're tired of getting scammed, and you're tired of not knowing where to turn for real honest expert advice.

As a level headed person you wouldn't mind making a small financial investment for quality betting advice as long as you receive truly reliable information so you could start making money betting on baseball immediately.  You just want to get a good value for your money.  Am I right?  Great!  Let me show you...


"How I Developed an Extremely Powerful System that Makes Money at a rate of...

...$192 per hour on average...

...Not only is it tremendously effective, but it only requires 10 minutes a day to select the winning teams!"

My Name is David Fingerson and I am an active, successful, money making sports handicapper.  Since delving into my passion for sports betting a little over 10 years ago, I have learned many profitable ways to take advantage of the sportsbooks when it comes to betting on major league baseball.

However, I didn't start out on the winning side.  When I first got into sports betting I had to go though a lot of trial and error, and often lost a lot trying to make just a little and I wasn't finding any real satisfactory advice online.

After spending hours at a time month after month I finally discovered some very powerful trends that could be exploited effectively every single baseball season.

After making a very nice profit my first two years, I was excited about the idea of offering my betting techniques online, however, I wanted to be absolutely certain that my betting strategies would stand the test of time before I would ever go public with them.

Over the next 4 years I kept working my day job and also continued to make a steady profit betting on baseball.  During that time I streamlined my betting strategies to make them more profitable and also Very Safe and Easy to use.

After several months of staying up well past midnight dredging through piles of statistical data, and many more years of perfecting the system to make it profitable, safe, and easy for anyone to use, I finally knew I was ready to share my betting techniques with people like you (someone who is where I was at just a few short years ago).

Something you will learn about me very soon is that I will not inflate my results to make my betting strategies look like something you can retire on in only a year or two of betting.  If you come across any betting system that indicates that you can, then you should do yourself a favor and seriously question it.


** Beware of other Betting Systems ** 

When you come across a betting system that claims you can make $250,000 a year betting on sports with just a $40,000 a year income, that should send up a red flag for you.  If the average Joe making $40,000 a year at his day job can all of a sudden start making a quarter or a million dollars betting on sports then it wouldn't be long before many of the sportsbooks would go out of business.  Don't see that happening, do you?


I can tell you from experience that being able to consistently make money betting on sports year after year has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with knowing how to identify powerful trends and invest your money effectively.  That's something you're about to learn here, and it's very easy to do; keep reading...

With the betting techniques that I teach, you won't need to make bets every day of the season because you'll only bet when the trends are the strongest which makes them extremely profitable

It only takes 10 minutes a day to decide which bets to make and to actually place your bets, so the time that I've invested in betting on baseball has made me a nice income at a rate of $192 per hour on average for the past seven years.

My average bets range between $50 and $200 per game, so even if you were to place your bets at a fraction of that, say from $10 to $40 per game, you can expect to make money at a rate of $38.40 per hour.  That's a very nice hourly rate with little effort and very little investment of your time as well.



I'm so glad that my friend referred me to your site, and I can't believe I only pay for your system one time and never have to pay you again, but I'm able to keep using this system every baseball season to make more money!!! That's really a GREAT DEAL! thank you for this opportunity :)

Todd Schoeberle, Janesville, WI


I was already impressed with your system, but I was pleasantly surprized when you went the extra mile to explain how to bet safely to protect my investment. That's something I would never have expected. I can see that you really care that your customers succeed in making money.

Denny Wayne, Nashville, TN


Hi David, I have been using your Baseball Software for 2 yrs. I started with a decent $5,000 bankroll two years ago and just keep reinvesting half the profits. I remember you told me that there's an update for this year. Please let me know so i can upgrade my program. You've always been an honest man and ran your business with integrity. More success and power you. Thank you very much. .

Honorio Lopez, Reno, NV


Here's a situation you might be able to relate to...

... A while back I called a toll free number to get some free baseball picks, but I was required to give my phone number so an expert handicapper could call me back with the picks.  Well, I got a call back from a man who started talking to me on the phone like he was my best friend who was getting ready to do me a big favor by offering to let me pay a supposed bargain price for the best expert picks, because the free picks are not that good, he said.

Do you recognize this situation yet...?

They try to convince you that you need to get in on the "BIG GAME" which starts in just a few minutes from now, pressuring you to divulge your credit card information so you can bet on the game before it's too late!  Well, you probably know by now that this only guarantees that THEY make a quick buck, not YOU.

Ever notice how they always call you from a blocked phone number?

After you spent your hard earned money on their "less than expert picks", you realize it's not worth it, so you refuse to use them again.  A few days pass, and then you start getting phone calls from other blocked phone numbers from other so-called experts.

At this point it's clear to see that your name has been added to numerous phone lists so you get the extreme displeasure of getting called by another scam artist every week.

Now, I'm not saying that someone is definitely a scam artist just because they call you from a blocked number trying to sell you picks.  I do believe that there are at least some reputable handicappers willing to sell their advice for a reasonable price and if they block their phone number it's for professional reasons.

However, how will you ever know who you can trust?   You could end up spending a small fortune trying to find a real expert, who is also trustworthy enough to give you good picks on a regular basis.  You may end up spending a lot of money and still never find a valuable source for good picks so you can finally start making money betting on baseball and other sports.

For this reason, I wanted to come up with a way to pick winning teams on my own every year Without EVER having to rely on anyone else for help.

With your permission, I would like to show you how to do the same, so you will also be able to Make Money Betting on Baseball without ever needing help again from anyone.  Then...

...the ONLY person you'll EVER have to rely on is yourself, now that's the way to go.

  No more paying for information
  No more waiting for picks
  No longer need to rely on someone else for picks
  No more guessing, you'll be able to pick winners with confidence


...It's GREAT to be on the winning side!

Not long ago, I was desperate to find a way to win at sports betting.  Like you, I was tired of getting scammed, tired of worthless betting systems that only worked in theory, and just plain tired of giving my hard earned money away to the sportsbooks year after year.

You need a solution, but if you're like a lot of people, you simply don't have the time to dedicate years of your life to analyzing statistical data.  You just want to find a reliable system or method to Reel in Profits consistently every season.  Not only do you want to get a fair deal, but you want results and you want them fast.

Have you ever heard the saying "Catch a fish for a man to feed him for one day; teach him how to fish and you'll feed him for a lifetime"?

That's a lot like what I have in store for you.  On one hand you could spend your time looking for sports handicappers giving out free picks, and they may be good sometimes, but the problem is that "You have to rely on them to provide you with that information on a consistent basis if you want to make any real money betting on sports".

Another problem with that, is that nobody is going to just give you all of their good solid picks on a consistent basis without frequently charging you fees.  Even if they provide you with reliable picks (good teams to bet on) you're going to lose a HUGE chunk of your profit to pay for their service.

Here's where I can really help you save that money.  I will teach you how to fish.  Actually I will teach you how to consistently make money every season betting on major league baseball.  You'll NEVER have to pay any recurring fee's, the method I teach you will be straight to the point and easy to understand, and maybe the best thing of all is that YOU will NEVER have to rely on anyone else EVER Again.  You'll know exactly how to pick the winning teams every season and continue to make money for a life time.



Now available to you in an illustrated e-Book format:

Both, Windows and Mac compatible

"Baseball Multi-Profit System"


If You want to Jump Your Baseball Betting Profits through the Roof with an Easy to follow Step-by-Step Proven Money Making System...

...then you need to know how YOU can Benefit from the Powerful Techniques you'll learn from this 40+ page e-book.

With this e-book you will learn everything you need to know to Consistently Beat the Sportsbooks EVERY YEAR and begin Making Huge Profits from the very start with virtually NO prior betting experience necessary.


You'll learn a very simple 5 step process that will take you just 10 minutes a day to apply.

The 5 steps are...

#1. Explore data - This is very easy to do.  The data you'll need is FREE to access and readily available on the internet and I show you exactly how to find it quickly and easily.

#2. Enter data into MLB software program - I have gone the extra mile to create a very user-friendly computer program file for you to use completely free.  You simply enter a few short lines of data from step #1 for each team that qualifies for a potential bet each day.

#3. Review output - After entering data from step #2 above, you'll be able to view your computer screen to see an instant visual indication that will show you whether or not you should place your bets and on what teams to bet on.

#4. Place your bets - After viewing the output results from #3 above you will place your bets on the teams that are in a strong trend as will be indicated on your computer screen (very simple).

#5. Collect your winnings - You know how to handle this step :)


Just look at all of the Benefits that are Jam-Packed into this Highly-Profitable 40+ Page e-book...


You'll Save Precious Time by not having to analyze loads of statistical data


You'll be able to start making money immediately (during baseball season)


You Get Free Instant Unlimited Access to a Powerful Computer Program that removes 99% of the guess work so you will know which teams to bet on without having to analyze data


You'll be able to continue using this baseball money making system Every Season and you'll Never have to pay any reccurring fees EVER.


You'll have peace of mind in knowing that you'll never have to rely on someone else to give you betting tips EVER again


Learn highly effective money management strategies to protect your bankroll


You'll Learn How to bet with confidence because you will have access to undeniable proof that the system will make you money before you ever spend a single dollar making bets.


Gain confidence in knowing that you can Consistently Pick Winners Every Year


Be able to bet safely by knowing when and how much to bet on every single game


Save Money by never having to pay for betting advice EVER again


Learn multiple betting methods to increase your profits


You'll be Protected by my Iron Clad 100% - NO Questions asked - Money Back Guarantee


You'll also have the comfort of knowing that you'll receive 12 full months of support should you have any questions about the system


And of course, much more...

Imagine being able to take just 10 minutes a day entering a few short lines of data into a form on your computer while a powerful piece of software takes this data and instantly calculates when it's the most opportune time for you to place your bets using the least amount of time and effort...

...That's exactly what you'll have when you purchase the "Baseball Multi-Profit System".

You will enjoy being able to effortlessly pick which teams to bet on so you can Generate a Steady Cash Flow Every Baseball Season.  To make things even sweeter you will be able to continue using the knowledge you gain as well as the powerful computer program file for as long as you wish without ever having to pay any reccurring fees.  This alone will save you a great deal of time and money.


The Computer Program file has a Professionally Designed Easy-to-use Control Panel

Avoid wasting valuable time looking through mountains of statistical data - This powerful program will do all the necessary technical data evaluation for you...

...You simply type in a few short lines of data which will be readily available to you, and then the software automatically and instantly calculates whether or not it's an opportune time for you to place your bets...    

...The results are presented to you on a colorful screen display that will clearly indicate when it's time to bet and on what teams.

Built with your safety in mind, an Automatic Error Checker will quickly alert you if you've entered data incorrectly and instantly recommend the solution.  This will surely save you additional time and frustration by acting as a second pair of eyes to confirm your work.


Colorful Screen Display to view your results

Easy to understand and Enjoyable to use - As the software instantly calculates the values of your data- input, you'll be able to take a quick glance at the display screen and Know exactly when and where to place your bets.  The colorful display presents you with a clear picture that indicates the most favorable time to place your bets so you can jump in and make a quick profit.

Make money and have fun using the system...

...It's like playing the stock market and winning on a consistent basis, making other investors envious of your success.

Check out the screen shots of the Computer Progam file below...


Here's a screen shot of the User Friendly Control Panel.  The Protected Data areas will be revealed to you when you purchase the system.



Here's a screen shot of the profit made throughout the season. 


Make Huge Gains with this Multi-Profit System

Each phase of the system in my book has been rigorously tested through thousands of trials using real-life betting situations at casinos and online sportsbooks and has consistently produced significant profits every single year.


Instant Undeniable Proof

You will be given access to data that provides 100% undeniable proof that my system can consistently make you money every year.  Therefore, you will see the incredible power of the system before you ever risk on single dollar on your wagers.

As an added bonus, my book will even teach you how to effectively control your emotions so you don't bet when you shouldn't.  You know it's true; people often use their emotions to bet, however, this is a practice you need to avoid.  Therefore, I have even written a detailed section on how to break yourself of this bad habit if you need to.  I like to cover all the bases, so to speak.


Effective Money Management Strategies

You'll learn extremely effective money management strategies which will produce amazing profits even under the most unlikely conditions.  You will learn exactly how much to bet on every single wager you make no matter the size of your bankroll.

Warning!!  Beware of other systems which promise an astonishing win/loss record but are extremely risky.  Some of the systems being offered on other sites will tell you that you can win a huge number of bets such as 45 wins and 3 losses, which sounds great, however, what you may not realize is that by using one of those systems, the amount of money gained on 15 wins can be completely wiped out with just 1 loss.  In that case you could have a win/loss record of 45-3 and will still have lost money.

Using the "Baseball Multi-Profit System", you can breathe easily knowing that this won't happen; in fact, most of the bets you make with my system will pay very close to even money or better, which means that not only is my system very safe to use, it also gives you a great return on your investment.


Safe and Proven System from a very reliable source

Extremely Safe betting system - You can bet with total confidence, knowing that you will generate a nice income every baseball season and still be able to protect your bankroll.

I have rigorously put this system through years of arduous testing to push its absolute limits in order to determine a safe betting zone that also results in a very profitable return for your investment. 

You will literally maximize your profits while protecting your investment


Avoid wasting time looking for another system that may only let you down.  The "Baseball Multi-Profit System" has consistently proven to produce extremely effective money making results for more than a decade (You will see proof of this when you get my ebook).



What is your time worth to You?

Depending on the value you place on your time, your investment to learn what I've learned could easily be worth thousands of dollars.

Over the past 7 years, I've spent at least a solid six-full-months of my time heavily dedicated to searching, finding, studying, tracking, testing, and retesting numerous trends to determine which ones were really profitable and truly worth investing your time and money in.  That six months investment of my time could easily be worth $20,000 which equates to a 6-month salary for working a normal day job.

In a matter of just an hour or so, you'll be able to practically steal the knowledge I've gained over those 7 years.  In addition to this, you will also have full access to my professionally designed computer program file.  This alone required several hours of designing, testing and tweaking to make it very user- friendly and could easily be valued at $1,000 or more.



With that said, the time you'll save and the extra money you'll make by having my e-book could easily be valued at more than $21,000.00.

This is why the Powerful Money Making Strategies I've carefully laid out in my illustrated e-book "Baseball Multi-Profit System" would be a HUGE bargain at $397 or even $597.....just a fraction of my invested cost in time and money...

...however, I'm offering you the chance to Save loads of time and fast track your way to making Huge Profits betting on baseball starting right now for the ridiculously low price of just $97.

You'll receive your e-book "Baseball Multi-Profit System" via instant download and will be able to start making money from day one of the regular MLB season.


Of course, to Sweeten the Deal for you even MORE, I'm going to throw in 2 additional SUPER BONUSES!

(A $688 Value, but yours FREE)




"FREE Lifetime Upgrades"

(A $300 value, but yours FREE)

As a special bonus for taking action today, not only will you get my Powerful Money Making e-book for just $97, but you'll also get FREE Upgrades for life.

So, what does this mean to you?  Well, striving for perfection, I constantly work towards increasing my profits at the sportsbooks.  Whether it's finding a new profitable trend, developing a new technique or tweaking an existing one, I know that just by gaining another 1% on my return, I can easily put another $300 in my pocket every baseball season.  That extra $300 could be going in your pocket, because you will receive this profitable information every time it becomes available at NO additional charge.








Your 180-day *DOUBLE*

Risk-Free Guarantee!

Of course, you don't have to decide right now.  Instead, just take full advantage of my risk- free offer right now, try out the system for the next 180 days to see that it meets all your expectations and watch how easy it is to make money.

  • Guarantee #1 - If you're not absolutely thrilled with my betting system, simply contact me via phone or email within 180 days for a complete 100% refund, no questions asked.
  • Guarantee #2 - Even if you cancel after trying my system, you still receive totally free access for 60 days of High-Quality Sports Picks as my way of saying "Thanks".  That's a guaranteed gain, no matter what you decide.


How much money will you waste over the next year, 2 years, or 5 years if you don't have your copy of "Baseball Multi -Profit System"?

Being able to spend a meager 10 minutes a day to make Huge Profits betting on baseball and having the Peace of Mind in knowing that you'll be able to keep making money EVERY BASEBALL SEASON without EVER needing betting advice from anyone EVER again is Absolutely Priceless.

I literally take all the risk away for you because that's how confident I am that my system will save you precious time and make you a lot of money the way it has for me over the past nine years.

Look...  The fact of the matter is, this isn't some system that was just thrown together at the last minute, and it certainly was not built on theory, instead it has been continuously built upon year-after-year to become more profitable, easier to use, and enjoyable as well.

As shown in the screen shots earlier, the system comes with a computer program file that has a Professionally Designed easy-to-use Control Panel so you can sit behind your computer for just 10 minutes a day and practically steal money from the sportsbooks like a seasoned pro.


And Remember!

You'll be able to...



Start Making Money Immediately (during baseball & football season)


Save Loads of Time by not having to analyze tons of statistics


NEVER have to rely on anyone else


NEVER pay reoccurring fees .


Keep Making Money Every Baseball Season with this Easy to use System.


Enjoy Free Access to a Powerful User-Friendly Computer Program


Be protected by a 180-day DOUBLE Risk-Free Guarantee!  A guaranteed gain no matter what.


Receive 12 full months of support should you have any questions about the system.


And so much MORE...


Imagine how you'll feel when...

...Only 1 hour after you receive your ebook, your dreams of finding an easy way to profit wildly from sports betting starts becoming a reality as you begin to see clearly how you're going to generate a healthy cash flow from the sportsbooks beginning this season and then knowing that you'll be able to continue making a steady profit every season for years to come.


Claim Your copy of

"Baseball Multi-Profit System"

in the next 5 minutes...

...and qualify for the 2 Super Bonuses

Valued at $688


Remember, If you purchase today, you get "Baseball Multi-Profit System" e-book Plus 2 Super Bonuses valued at $688, and a Powerful User -Friendly Computer Program downloaded directly to your computer's desktop so you can Start Making Money Fast, all for the Super Low Bargain price of just $97.

Don't miss out!  Click on the "Buy Now" button below to take full advantage of this amazingly profitable offer.


And remember,
there's absolutely no risk... have 180 days to check out the system to make sure it meets all your needs 100%.

What are you waiting for?  Claim your copy right now before it's too late.

When you click on the "Buy Now" button below, you will be taken to a secure order page at  Within 5 minutes of confirming your order you will receive an email with specific download instructions for the Baseball Multi-Profit System ebook plus the details on Super Bonus #2 - Your Access to Free High Quality NFL Football Picks.

To your success,

David Fingerson


P.S. - Remember, your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!  If you're not absolutely thrilled that the e-book will give you all the tools you need to start Making You Money Quickly And Easily, just let me know and I will promptly send you a full 100% refund of your money, no questions asked.


P.P.S. - If you order today, you also benefit with 2 Super Bonuses valued at $688. which include Free Upgrades for life (a $300 value, but yours free) and Free Access to High Quality Sports Picks (a $388 value, yours free) but only if you take action, order now!

Even if you cancel later, you get continued free access to the High Quality Sports Picks for a Full 60 days as my way of saying "Thanks".  That's a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide.


P.P.P.S. - If you're serious about turning the tides on the sportsbooks and reclaiming the Huge Profits you know you deserve, then you really owe it to yourself to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to make some very easy money.  You've literally got absolutely NOTHING to lose and a Whole Lot to Gain.

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